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Provide clients with a cost effective solution to their legal issues.


With over 40 years of experience in private legal practice, I am aware of the issues that matter to clients.


You deal with the principal of the firm. You are not a number or treated as just another billable hour. 


You choose to go to a lawyer for your matter - so you should have your lawyer do the work.


You pay lawyer's rates so why not have the lawyer do the work. My commitment is that your work is carried out by me. Make an appointment to see me to discuss your matter.




Lawyers are University educated to provide legal advice and assistance to clients. They owe a duty to the Courts and to their clients to carry out their client's lawful tasks to the best of their abilities.


The mantra "C.A.R.E." is the reason why one is a lawyer in private practice. Clients Are Really Everything! My practice depends on clients and their recommendation. I do not advertise - my client's are my advertisement.


At this office, the latest technologies and the appropriated third party specialist services are used to provide an efficient and cost effective service to complete client's matter.

News & Publications

Caveat. Latin word meaning " BEWARE". A Purchaser may register a Caveat on the title of the property he/she is purchasing. Once registered the Caveat  prevents any other party from making a claim which has priority over the purchaser's interest.

This ensures that the purchaser does not find after settlement that there is a claim from a third party against the title to the property being purchased of which he has not already been made aware of or for which the purchaser has been supplied with the appropriate document to release the property from any such claim, before handing over the balance of the purchase price to the vendor at settlement.

Enduring [Financial] Power of Attorney. Unlike a General Power of Attorney which will cease to have effect when the Donor [the maker the Power of Attorney] loses his/her mental facilities or is unable for any reason to lawfully administer his/her own financial affairs; an Attorney appointed under an Enduring Power of Attorney may continue to act in the interest of the donor even though the donor may subsequently became legally incapable.

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9383 3611

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358 Sydney Road
Coburg, VIC. 3058



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Areas of Practice

Conveyancing - Property Law




Powers of Attorneys


Estate Law - Probate - Succession

Commercial and Business Law

Association Law​​​​​

Lease - Retail Tenancy Law​​​​​

Purchase and sale of Businesses​​​​​​​​



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