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Established in 1978 during a time of economic downturn in Australia. Over the subsequent years, thanks to the referrals received from clients, my firm has a broad and loyal clientele.
The Practice goal throughout has been to maintain client focus and provide a value for money service that meets client's needs.

The firm invests in technology and partners with third party providers to access the latest and most efficient services available to the Legal Profession to be able to satisfy client requirements. Ongoing attendance at Professional Development Courses assist to maintain current knowledge in the areas of law in which Nino Galgano practices.


Costs are charged in accordance with the appropriate Cost Scale as prescribed by the Supreme Court of Victoria or the relevant Professional Remuneration Order ["PRO"]. Clients are not charged above the scale; nor are clients asked to enter into Cost Arrangements or Agreements where the client is likely to face costs at a scale higher than those provided for in the Cost Scale for the type of services being rendered to the client. Upon request a copy of the Cost Scale can be provided.


Although it is not always possible to estimate what the final costs will be in a matter; in certain areas of practice such as Conveyancing, Powers of Attorney, Probate, Will preparation and Lease work a fixed cost quote can be provided at the time of taking instructions. Any disbursements [fees paid to third parties or expenses incurred on behalf of the client in the matter - often referred to as "out of pocket" expenses] are passed onto the client and are in addition to costs. You will be provided with an estimate of possible disbursements.


There may be times when circumstances beyond the control of the parties, make it impossible to adhere to the cost quotation. In such an event you will be informed of the contingencies and the possible costs. You will have an opportunity to discuss your matter and what can be done to minimise the future likely costs.


This firm is a member of the Law Institute of Victoria. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation
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